Chelsea didn’t sign Robert Lewandoski because he is too old.


Chelsea turned down the chance to sign Lewandowski this summer.

According to the German tabloid ‘Bild’, Robert Lewandowski was offered to Chelsea, but they turned down the chance to sign him. It’s since been revealed that the Blues ‘passed’ on the striker due to his age.

‘Bild’ indicated a few days back that the striker was offered to Chelsea who, before they had the deal for Romelu Lukaku wrapped up, were looking for a number 9 to put the icing on the cake of a steller squad that only lacked a pure finisher

The price for the deal would have cost around 80-90 million euros, but the Blues rejected the offer.

The German media outlet analysed in-depth why those at Stamford Bridge gave the negative response and the explanation was simple – Chelsea passed on Lewandowski… for being too old!

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Pini Zahavi, the player’s agent, knew that the Premier League club were desperate to find a striker for their squad and for that reason put an offer on the table of Roman Abramovich before ‘Operation Lukaku’ got underway.

However, the Blues rejected the offering as they had in mind bringing in a player looking towards the future. Here, Lukaku fitted in much better with that plan with his 28-years-of-age, while Lewandowski turns 33 on 21st August.

Chelsea instead turned to now ex-Inter Milan star, for whom they paid a staggering 115 million euros. Lukaku scored an impressive 64 goals and 16 assists in 95 appearances for Inter Milan in two seasons.

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