Injustice is also the beauty of football, Hazard says on eliminating VAR


Real Madrid star Eden Hazard turned 30 on January 7 and answered questions on a variety of topics, what he wants as a birthday present, hanging his boot and VAR.

Eden Hazard would eliminate VAR from football because it takes away so much fun from football.

“It takes away so much fun from football, so many emotions,” he told RBTF.

“We score and then we wonder what will happen. Well, it has corrected a lot of mistakes, but injustice is also the beauty of football. Without a doubt, ciao to VAR!”

Hazard mentioned three qualities, one each from one of his three favourite players that he’d want as a birthday present, Messi’s left foot, Ronaldo’s desire to win and Zidane’s class. 

“Messi’s left foot, Ronaldo’s thirst to win, his thirst for trophies and his desire to always score, Zidane’s class, although I have class, no? But him, he has more.” he said.

Hazard who has had an injury laden time at Madrid would hang his boots the day he stops having fun from football.

“We will see if the body leaves me alone [after some injuries],” he stated.

“If the injuries pile up, I won’t make it to 35. We need to have fun. The older you get, the more you need to have fun, right? That’s what I need. I’ll always be in football, but I might not be a professional.”

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