Lewis Hamilton urges F1 to do more on human rights


On Wednesday, 30 UK MPs raised concerns of human rights violations linked to Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

Hamilton said he had received letters from rights groups on arriving in Bahrain and would “take some time to digest them”.

“It is very important for all sports to use the platform they have to push for change,” the seven-time champion said.

“The human rights issue in so many of the places we go to is a massive problem.

“We are one of the few sports that go to so many different countries and I do believe as a sport we need to do more.

“We have taken a step in the right direction but we can always do more.

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“They have put some steps in place for the places we go to but it is important to make sure they are implemented in the right way and that we see some action taken.

“That is going to take some work but it’s all in the background.”

Bahrain is just one of F1’s host countries about which human rights groups have raised concerns. Others include Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, as well as Saudi Arabia, which is making its debut on the calendar next year.

Source – BBC Sports

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