Lewis Hamilton declares love for China, speaks on critics


By: Oma Akatugba

Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton has expressed his love for his fans in China. speaking during a recent visit to China on CNN talk Asia show, Hamilton said: “I have always loved China, I love the culture, the people, the weather and the food. I watch a lot of Chinese movies as well.”

The three-time Formula One world Champion also talked about motivation.

“The will to want to be the best, the search for perfection is what keeps me going. Every year, I want to come back to continue giving my best.

When asked about critics who think he Halmiton is not very focused on the sport. “I respect that they have a job, I also respect that they only have a certain amount of information. All I can say is look at the result, they speak for themselves. What the critics say don’t bother me, I will just tell them to keep doing what they are doing.” Hamiton responded.

Photo Credit: F1Fanatic

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