Give me so much money like Pep and Klopp whenever I need new players- Mourinho tells prospective employers.


By: Rilwan Adetayo Balogun

Portuguese, Jose Mourinho has revealed his expectations from his next employer.

Mourinho, while on punditry on bein sports said he would like to know what the club will provide, the objectives of the club and patience.

He said he would need the same conditions that ensured Pep Guardiola has been successful with the Manchester City team and has seen Jurgen Klopp take the Liverpool team from a serially disappointing team to actively vying for their first EPL crown in almost three decades.

“My philosophy depends. I’d love to go to a club and be in conditions to do what Jurgen and Pep did. When Jurgen is in the club and wins absolutely nothing for three and a half years, still has the trust, confidence to keep going.”

Mourinho further explained how his philosophy of football had been misunderstood for years. He cited his Chelsea team of the 2004-2006 seasons and Inter Milan team of 2010 as phenomenally attacking teams with a lot of defensive discipline. He said his philosophy is playing attacking football, built on a firm defensive control.

The former Real Madrid manager, whose analysis was eye-catching said people misplace being strategic for being philosophical. He said he won the Premier League with Chelsea in his second coming with a team that wasn’t the best in the league. ”To win a title when you don’t have the best team in the league, you have to be more strategic than philosophical.”

Mourinho further cited Antonio Conte as a perfect example of a strategic manager. He said Conte won the league title when he didn’t have the best team in the league but prepared his team more strategically than philosophically.

He said; ”Chelsea under Antonio Conte was a counterattacking team. Chelsea was very defensive and phenomenal on the counterattack, but because it was Conte, and not me, you didn’t say anything.”

Mourinho is believed to be attracting suitors and has previously stated he is having time off and will consider his options before returning to the dugout.

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