Bayern Munich fine Franck Ribery for insulting fans who criticised him for eating £1,000 gold-coated steak with Salt Bae



Bayern Munich has announced it will impose ‘a huge fine’ on Franck Ribery for obscenity online

The winger was criticised for eating a gold-coated steak in a famous restaurant, owned by Nusret Gokce, also known as ‘Salt Bae’, who also featured in the video

The massive, gold-coated steaks cost around £1000 in the restaurant

Ribery hit back by labelling his critics ‘born because of a broken condom.’

The club’s sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic confirmed on Sunday that the player had been dealt with and a hefty fine would be issued following his conduct.

The French winger put up a couple of angry posts on Twitter and Instagram on Saturday directed at those who criticised him for eating the golden steak in a famous restaurant and uploading a video online.

‘I had a long talk with Franck, and I let him know that we would impose a heavy fine on him and he accepted it,’ Salihamidzic told journalists in Qatar, where Bayern are on a training camp.

Ribery was at the Dubai restaurant of celeb chef ‘Salt Bae’ and was served by the man himself, and he was seen in a video rubbing and clapping his hands as he gets ready for a golden steak.

A vast online backlash followed which prompted Ribery to defend himself fiercely

‘He used words that we, FC Bayern, cannot accept and that Franck does not have the right to use, as a role-model and player of FC Bayern’, added Salihamidzic.

That showy luxury and the reported cost of the meal drew fierce criticism before Ribery hit back on Saturday.

‘Let’s start with the envious, the angry, surely born because of a broken condom,’ read the first of the posts on Ribery’s Twitter account. ‘F*ck your mothers, your grandmothers and your whole family tree,’ wrote Ribery in the first of three irate posts, having taken care to sanitise the French word ‘n*quez’.

However, Salihamidzic, Bayern Munich;s sporting director made clear that Ribery did not pay the bill himself because he was invited to the restaurant. He also acknowledged that the player had been responding to a flurry of insults online.

‘Franck has been slandered and insulted,’ said Salihamidzic. ‘And not only Franck but his pregnant wife, his child and his mother, who is currently in the hospital for an operation. Franck wanted to defend himself and defend his family. He has the right to do that. I support him in that, but unfortunately, he lost control.’

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