Bayern President Uli Hoeness hits out at Mesut Özil- “He has been playing a mess for years!”


By: Oma Akatugba

Mesut Özil’s resignation and the drama with the German football association (DFB) and the German media has been the main subject of discussion in German football since Sunday evening. It did not take long for reactions to start coming out- even Bayern President Uli Hoeness has one or two words to say.

Before FC Bayern Munich departed for the United States for their pre-season, Hoeneß bared his mind on the Özil saga, and it almost turns into a rage. “When did he Özil played a good game for the German National team?” Asks Hoeneß. The midfielder hasn’t “shown any quality at the national team level in a very long time.”
Instead, he is hiding “himself and his crap performance behind this photo,” Hoeness said: “His 35 million follower boys – which of course does not exist in the real world – think Özil has done something outstanding, whenever he sends a pass to his teammate. ”

A fresh start without him Özil is the best that can happen. “I’m glad that the spook is over, he has played a lot of dirty games for years! The last time he won a duel was at the 2014 World Cup,” Hoeneß railed.

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