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Russia 2018: Rackitic-“This is the game of our lives”


By: Oma Akatugba

Croatia’s talismanic midfielder Ivan Rakitic has said, the game against France is the game of their lives. Croatia will take on the Le Blues in the final match of Russia 2018 this afternoon. The tiny European nation has never reached the final of the FIFA World Cup. The best they achieved at the world cup was a third-place finish at the France 1998 tournament. “This game is not big for us alone but for everyone who is connected to the team. We are aware of the support of the world for us.” Rackitic  said during a press conference. The Barcelona midfielder went on to add that the team will produce a performance that will leave their teeming supporters proud of their efforts. In his words,

“We are going to make everyone connected to us proudly.” “We are 4.5 million players on the field.” Having gone through three consecutive games that featured extra time, Croatian fans are worried fatigue might undermine the ability of the team. Ivan Rakitic however, doesn’t think that will be the case. He said,

“We are going to carry each other.” “We will have the needed energy.” “We want to give our all, because we know it is the biggest game of our lives.” He went on to elaborate on the global support the team is currently enjoying. “I believe we are going to get over 100 million people supporting us. I have heard the news that people all over the world are supporting us, Argentina, Germany and Spain.” “That is fantastic.” “What has made me happy is that a lot of people has told me they celebrate our goals like it is their national team goals.” “We have touched the heart of football fans worldwide, that is grandeurs, and it shows that we deserve to reach the final.”

Croatia takes on France in the final later today. They go into the game as underdogs, but fans worldwide will be hoping they can upset the cards.


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