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Russia 2018: Diego Maradona steals the show as Argentina slightly beats Nigeria


By: Oma Akatugba

For Diego Maradona, Argentina’s dramatic 2-1 victory over Nigeria was a bit too much.
The former world star is resting in the stands.

And he also got the attention of everyone due to questionable behaviour. The slim 2-1 victory recorded by the Argentine national team against Nigeria in the last group match of Group D at the FIFA World Cup had everything to offer, which speaks of a thrilling game at a World Cup of drama and tension.

But in the stands, a former world cup winner clearly felt the need to push himself into the thick of the action: Diego Maradona took advantage of the game, which Rojo decided through his goal in the 86th minute, to create numerous antics – and even made an obscene gesture when he showed both middle fingers in the direction of the Nigerian reserve bench.

The 1986 world champion had already held his bare belly in the cameras, like a saint in the sunlight raised his hands to the sky and repeatedly thumped his hands theatrically in front of his face. All in all, the dramatic 90 minutes did not seem to have passed the Argentine idol without a trace. Maradona had to be supported as he left the stadium. During the game, a companion had to regularly hold Maradona so that he does not fall from the stands. Before the kick-off, the former World Cup captain created some amusements in the stadium of St. Petersburg. In the VIP box, the football legend saw a female fan who had the Nigerian jersey on, and he instructed the security guards to allow the lady through to him, and he had a spontaneous dance with her in front of his seat. The scene was broadcasted on the stadium screen, and this pleased the fans of both countries visibly. Almost every spectator close to where Maradona was spotted filmed the scene on their mobile phones.

It’s now being reported that Maradona was rushed to hospital after almost collapsing following Argentina’s win.

In a video clip being shared on social media, Maradona is seen needing help from the stands. According to ESPN, he was treated by paramedics before being taken away by an ambulance.

Photo Credit: Getty images Alex morton


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