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Russia 2018: Jimmy Dumaz suffers online racial abuse after Sweden’s loss to Germany


BY: Oma Akatugba

Since Germany beat Sweden by a late freekick from Toni Kroos at the ongoing 2018 FIFA World cup in Russia, one man has come under threats and racial abuse from disgruntled football fans back home in Sweden. Jimmy Durmaz brought down Timo Werner at the edge of the box and Real Madrid’s Toni kroos converted the resulting freekick just at the last minute of stoppage time. Durmaz received all kinds of threats, racial insults and even death threats via social media hours after the game and the Swedish football association are not taking it lightly. The Association has announced that it will file a complaint to the police. “We do not want a player exposed to threats and injuries,” Secretary-General Håkan Sjöstrand said.
“It is appaling and extremely annoying to witness the treatment that Jimmy Durmaz has was exposed to, it is completely unacceptable,” he added. Durmaz supports the action of the association.

Some of Durmaz’s teammates have all thrown their weight behind him by speaking out their displeasure over what has happened.

“That is very terrible, and it makes me sad that human beings have little respect is so embarrassing. Such behaviour is not accepted, it makes me angry and sad” RB Leipzig of Germany midfielder Emil Forsberg said.

Durmaz has Turkish roots. He was born in Örebro. His father migrated from Midyat in southeastern Turkey. He began playing for BK Forward in his early teens.

The player has reacted calmly to the whole incidence
Durmaz himself responded coolly to the entire discussion. “I’m not interested,” said the 29-year-old, who brought down Timo Werner at the edge of the box. “I stand proudly here and represent my country.”

Speaking before his teammates at their base in Russia, Durmaz also said: ” I must thank you all for your support, it makes me happy, this is a team, we are Sweden guys!” And his teammates responded with a chorus “FUCK RACISM” with a rousing round of applause.







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