VIDEO: Gernot Rohr- The recent bad results have had a positive effect on my team


By: Oma Akatugba

The Super Eagles of Nigeria have been winless in their last 3 FIFA world cup build up friendlies. These results have created some sort of doubt in the minds of millions of Nigeran football fans, who before now believed that the team would be unstoppable when the world cup begins, owing to their flawless qualifying campaign. But the manager, Gernot Rohr has decided to look on the bright side of things. The Super Eagles lost 0-1 to the Czech Republic in their last build-up game in Austria. They also failed to England 1-2 and well as Serbia.
Speaking exclusively with omasport at the teams camping site in Bad Tatzmandorf Austria, The former Gabon and Niger republic coach said

“We always want to win, but this situation means that everybody will learn more and listen to the coach when you lose games than when you win. When you win, the players begin t believe they are the best sometimes. We spent two days in Nigeria, and the players kept hearing that they are the world champions and the best, you are the winning team. But when you lose games like these, even though, they are friendly games, but we don’t like to lose. And we have to work more, and the right side of this thing is that we work much more and the humility is returning. Like I said earlier, our philosophy is to be humble, to work hard to have good solidarity and this is an excellent moment to find this quality again.”

The Super Eagles will face Croatia in their FIFA World Match on Saturday the 16th of June in Kaliningrad.

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