By: Oma Akatugba

Players of the Super Eagles of Nigeria, especially the ones born and raised in Nigeria will have to make do without their traditional Nigerian delicacies, like goat meat pepper soup and other spicy native foods, at least for now that they are in camp preparing for the FIFA World cup Russia 2018. This is because the manager, Gernot Rohr has called it “too fatty, spicy and dangerous”. And he has asked that they are taken out of the menu entirely. While welcoming the players to camp as they began their world cup camping in Uyo Nigeria, The manager said:

“African food not so much and especially for those playing on Europe. You have to avoid spicy food. We have had some problems with pepper soup. This spicy goat meat pepper soup is very dangerous. We have to please take it out of the menu. It is too fat and spicy. Please be careful with this type of food.” The Franco-German tactician announced.

omasports sorted the reason for the embargo on spicy foods from the coach at the teams training camp in Bad Tatzmandorf, Austria and the manager said :

“The reason is that all nutritionist tell you that too spicy food is not good for athletes. So we have to observe what they tell us, and our medical team also agrees that we can not eat too fat and spicy, that’s why need to eat food for athletes. There can be some exceptions. For example, on Sunday night, the last day that we will spend here, there will be some African food from the Nigerian embassy here and Austrian music. But that will not be every day.” (See Video)

This development does not seem to irk the players, who appear to be more focused on doing well at the world cup than having to eat their native Nigerian food. One of the players who seems not to be bordered by this development is Odion Jude Ighalo. The Changchun Yatai FC of China striker told omasports in the teams camp in Bad Tatzmandirf Austria :

“I don’t know if he banned spicy food. But I had him say we should be careful of spicy food. I do not overeat spicy foods because they are not too good for my stomach. I think we Nigerians like eating our native food once in a while it’s good even though we are in camp. But now we are in Austria, and we don’t eat Nigerian food. We have to stick with what we have here. We are here to work and do the business. We don’t care about the kind of food we eat so long we eat healthy food, and we are ok. That is the most important thing. ”

Goat Meat Pepper Soup

Goat meat pepper soup merely is Goat meat in a spiced broth, and the peculiar taste comes from the spice mix. It is commonly made with goat meat or catfish.


The Super Eagles are currently camping in Bad Tatzmandorf, Austria and from there, they will fly into Russia to face Croatia in their first World cup match on 16 June 2018 in Kaliningrad.

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