For owing Micheal Essien and others, Panathinaikos issued nine-point deduction and relegation threat


Something interesting is happening in Greece as Panathinaikos FC were on Monday, hit with another three points deductions. This has put the club on the brink of relegation.

The greek outfit is reported to still owe to its former players, Michael Essien, Sebastian Leto and Jose Toche, a matter which threatens to hammer the final nail in the Greens’ coffin. On Monday, the Greek football federation, punished Panathinaikos with a three-point deduction for each player, meaning that the club will lose a total of nine points from the Super League table.

In damming news to Panathinaikos, the rules state that if a club receives three separate points deductions in one season, it will immediately be relegated. The nine-point penalty will be introduced within three working days (Thursday), but Panathinaikos will have until next Friday (April 27) to either pay off the debts or reach settlements with the parties involved. If Panathinaikos cannot clear the mess up before April 27, the team will be demoted.

Alongside these fresh debt issues, a legal battle is still continuing with Jens Wemmer. Panathinaikos were handed a three-point deduction for obligations owed, but the Prasini have until Friday to pay the German 480 thousand euros in order to be given the points back. Overall, Panathinaikos have to pay off at least two of the four players to avoid relegation.

However, Panathinaikos fans have been offered a glimmer of hope. In reports appearing in the Greek media, the club will pay the full 20,000 owed to Jose Toche and 50,000 to Sebastian Leto. An instalment of 50 thousand will be given to Michael Essien who is due 256,000.

Panathinaikos released this following statement: “Panathinaikos FC have been informed of the decision taken by the EPO Arbitral Tribunal in connection with debts owed to Leto, Essien and Toche. The club will immediately repay the debts as to have the sentence removed.”

Image source: Greek Reporter

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