Heynckes – Arjen Robben belongs to the class of Cryuff, Gullit, Van Basten and Frank Rijkard



Bayern Munich’s coach Jupp Heynckes has put superstar Arjen Robben on a par with all the greats in Dutch football.

“Holland has produced big footballers like Cruyff, Gullit, van Basten and Rijkaard, and I think that you have to agree with me that Arjen belongs to this class of players, he was an exceptional player for Holland, “said Heynckes after the retirement of the 33-year-old.

Robben is “a thoroughbred professional and you hardly find players like him. He has a self-motivation like very few players,” continued Heynckes (72).

Robben in Netherland colours














Heynckes believes that “Arjen’s age is not going to be a hindrance, and that he can still play at a very high level this season and next. Robben’s contract with the Bavarians runs at the end of the season.

The Netherland king also praises Robben.
Arjen Robben also received praise from King Willem-Alexander of the Netherland. “With his commitment, he has meant a lot to the Dutch football team, and I want to thank him from here, too, we will miss him,” said the Majesty.

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