Spain women’s team say they will not play until Rubiales is removed


Dozens of members of the Spanish Women’s national team said earlier on Friday that they would not play any matches for the country until Rubiales has been removed from his job.

Rubiales refused to quit earlier on Friday, fuelling anger among players and government ministers who decried his actions as unacceptable misogynist behaviour.

A total of 56 players, including Hermoso and all of the cup-winning 23-strong squad, signed a joint statement sent via their FUTPRO union demanding the removal of the federation leadership.

The Spanish Women’s national team player who was kissed on the lips by Rubiales said on Friday she was “vulnerable and was the victim of an aggression”.

Jenni Hermoso was kissed by Rubiales after Spain won the World Cup last Sunday, sparking calls for his resignation.

“I felt vulnerable and a victim of aggression. I was simply not respected,” she said in a statement posted on social media on Friday.

Hermoso added that she was put under pressure by the football federation.

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