lLAIX Moriba may have to play for Guinea instead of Spain to better his chances of playing in England.

Fc Barcelona La Masia graduate Llaix Moriba has been in the news in the last couple of weeks over his ‘outrageous’ wage demands at FC Barcelona, which has led the club to relegate him to the B team where he is currently training. FC Barcelona have submitted more than one offer to Ilaix, but the two parties are yet to agree on a deal, the youngster reportedly holding out for more money.

It is being reported that the young midfielder is already receiving offers from England and Manchester city happens to be one of the clubs interested in the Guinean. The only stumbling block could be a certain law obtainable in English football.

The English League, as ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reports, demands certain requirements from foreign players based on a points system, and being a full international adds up to a lot. Footballers who want to play in England must present a certificate called Governing Body Endorsement (GBE), something like a work permit that is based on points.

You need 15 points to be able to play in the Premiership. The ‘EFE’ agency details the criteria for these points: having played matches for the national team and the national youth team; the quality of the player’s former team, based on the league they are in, their position in the league and their progress in continental competitions; and, as a third criterion, the matches played for the club.

Because of the aforementioned rule, choosing Guinea over Spain could be very helpful for hence his desire to play for Guinea instead of Spain

Playing for the national team gives footballers points to be able to play in the Premier League, where the young Azulgrana has several suitors, such as Chelsea and Manchester City and he stands a more realistic chance of playing for the African country where there is less competition in terms of the quality of players they have in comparison with Spain who have so many quality players in every department. 

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