Football Manager game to introduce women’s teams next year


The Football Manager video game series will introduce women’s teams and players for the first time next year, the developers Sports Interactive said on Wednesday.

The studio made a commitment in 2021 to incorporate women’s football into the video game series. However, acknowledging their previous lack of progress since then, they have committed to including women’s football in the FM25 edition.

The next edition of the game, FM24, is set for release during the last quarter of the year, while the following edition is expected to arrive around the same time next year.

“The FM25 cycle will see the long-awaited introduction of women’s football,” studio director at Sports Interactive Miles Jacobson said.

“The women’s game deserves to be the best it possibly can be when it is released.”

FM follows in the footsteps of Electronic Arts’ popular FIFA video game, which introduced international women’s teams in 2015, while Australian forward Sam Kerr became the first female player to feature on the global cover of the series last year.

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