Bayern Munich defender Alphonso Davies opens up about battle with heart condition


Bayern Munich defender, Alphonso Davies, recently revealed his struggles with depression and uncertainty regarding his football career after contracting COVID-19 and then getting diagnosed with a heart problem. In a talk with SAY LESS, the talented Canadian spoke candidly about the heart condition and how his parents played a crucial role in helping him through the difficult period.

Davies, who was diagnosed with myocarditis, an inflammatory heart condition, following his COVID-19 infection during the Bundesliga’s winter break in the 2021-22 season, was forced to take a break from football. Uncertainty loomed over his future as doctors were uncertain about the duration of his recovery, leaving him uncertain about whether he would ever be able to play again.

Recalling those challenging moments, Davies said, “When I had my heart problem, my parents called me because the doctors, they didn’t know how long I was gonna be out. Doctors said we don’t know sometimes it’s six months to a year or even longer. And my parents came, man, they made me forget about everything, you know.

“Obviously the only time I thought about it is when I had to wake up and go get a checkup when I came home oh they made me forget about it. They just made me laugh they they knew what to do, my mom knew what to make, she knew what to say. You know my mood was down but my parents came and changed all that.”

Davis joined Bayern in 2019. He made his debut for Canada in 2017 and has scored 13 goals in 39 appearances for the North Americans.

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