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A Day in Montpellier: Conversations with Akor Adams


By- Oma Akatugba

As the train whisked me away from the azure shores of Nice to the picturesque streets of Montpellier, I anticipated a day of intriguing conversation with Akor Adams, a rising star in football. Before reaching my destination, I stopped in Marseille, where the convergence of cultures left an indelible mark on my journey.

Akor Adams: Embracing a New Home

Montpellier welcomed me with its blend of history and modernity, a perfect backdrop for my meeting with Akor Adams. As we strolled through the charming streets, Adams eagerly shared his first impressions of his new city. His face lit up as he spoke of the Mediterranean sun that bathes Montpellier throughout the year, starkly contrasting the cold winters he experienced in Norway.

“The facilities here are excellent, and the level of competition is higher,” he mused. “You have to be on your toes, very active. I’m grateful to God for this opportunity.”

His words painted a vivid picture of a dedicated athlete, fully immersed in the intense training regimen demanded by his new club. Adams didn’t shy away from acknowledging the high standards set by Montpellier, emphasizing that there was no room for complacency.

Goals and Gratitude: Akor Adams’ Remarkable Start

As we continued our walk, a few enthusiastic fans approached Adams for photos and autographs, a testament to his instant impact on the local football scene. “I try to be modest about it,” he said, acknowledging the warm reception.

We delved into his impressive start, with three goals already to his name. “There’s no better way to begin,” I remarked. Intrigued, I asked if scoring had been this straightforward in Norway. Adams offered a seasoned perspective, emphasizing the collective effort that goes into finding the back of the net.

“Tap-ins are the most difficult because it’s about positioning,” he explained, shedding light on the intricacies of a striker’s role. His insights into the mental calculus behind every goal were enlightening.

The Intelligent Game: Insights from Akor Adams

Our conversation took a fascinating turn as Adams discussed the intellectual side of football. We dissected the playstyles of legendary players like Lewandowski, Haaland, and Busquets, appreciating the intelligence that underpinned their successes.

“They’ve gathered a lot of information,” Adams reflected, drawing parallels between their cerebral approach and his dedication to understanding the game on a deeper level.

Settling into a New Life

Transitioning to a new city is no small feat, but Adams radiated positivity about his experience thus far. He commended the warmth he’d received and acknowledged the adjustment to French society.

As we discussed his accommodation, Adams revealed a tranquillity preference, opting for a residence away from the city’s hustle and bustle. His dedication to creating a comfortable environment spoke volumes about his commitment to his career and personal well-being.

The Universal Language of Football

Our conversation concluded with a reflection on the universality of football. Adams emphasized that, regardless of language barriers, the game’s fundamentals provided a common ground for players. His ability to adapt and communicate on the field, even without a shared language, showcased his remarkable adaptability.

As we approached a high-end restaurant in Montpellier’s heart for dinner, I couldn’t help but marvel at the insights and experiences shared by Akor Adams. His journey from Nigeria to Europe, from Norway to Montpellier, is a testament to the transformative power of sport and the remarkable individuals who shape it.

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