Fury sensationally knocks out Wilder to retain WBC heavyweight title


Tyson Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder in the 11th round after dragging himself off the canvas in an epic world heavyweight title fight in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Fury retained his WBC heavyweight title

The British heavyweight star was on the brink of defeat when he was floored twice in the fourth round.

Wilder would unleash that dangerous right hand as he dropped Fury twice within the final minute of round four.

Wilder dropped Fury twice in the fourth round

However, Fury staged a sensational recovery and dropped Wilder in the 10th before inflicting a crushing knockout to retain his WBC belt and preserve his unbeaten record.

Fury floored Wilder

Tyson Fury in the post-fight news conference, speaking about what is next for him said: “We will see. I have just earned a well-earned break from everything. Before I start thinking about fighting other men I will bask in this victory. This tonight was one of my greatest wins. I got off the floor to do it. I am the big dog in the division.”

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