How PSG beat Atletico Madrid and Chelsea to the signature of Lionel Messi


After FC Barcelona announced that Lionel Messi would not be continuing as a Barca player, it didn’t take more than 3 days before his transfer to PSG was concluded. It all happened so quick. 

Nevertheless, despite it being done so quickly, there have been very strict guidelines followed.

PSG swung into action immediately it became public knowledge that Messi would not be staying at Barcelona and as reported by ‘sport’, before many people could have expected PSG made contact with Jorge Messi, Messi’s father, on Thursday 5th August.

Back then, Lionel was convinced about renewing his contract as a Barca player for the next five seasons. Afterwards, the decision to end the agreement accelerated everything

Jorge Messi ended up telling PSG that they were willing to speak as talks were in place. On this date, the call was made by Leonardo and he seemed “very interested” in Messi as well as striking a deal quickly. 

Another two clubs interested

Despite the fact Pochettino’s men seemed not to have any opposition in this fight, the truth is that there are more clubs who showed interest in the Argentine. We are referring to Chelsea and Atletico Madrid. 

The Blues’ offer was a formal one, with a sum of money on the table and prospects for the future. However, Atletico’s attempts were fruitless as the Argentina international made it clear from the very first moment that he did not want to play in La Liga as he would have to face Barca. 

As a result of all this, the French offer became the most attractive offer and the only one which was viable. Despite the fact there was mutual interest in agreeing on the terms of the contract, the truth is there were intense negotiations. 

Between Saturday and Sunday, there were lengthy meetings with plenty of paperwork. After that, the document which would confirm his signing was written on Monday. On Tuesday morning, Messi flew to Le Bourget airport. And the rest is history.

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