Egypt Launches Investigation on Footballer After Female Hotel Worker Files Misconduct Complaints At Tokyo Olympics


An Egyptian football player has been suspended from the national team pending an investigation into misconduct claims brought against him by a Japanese woman working at a hotel whom he met during this year’s Olympic Games, a statement from the Egyptian Football Association said on Monday.

Abdel Rahman Magdy, a winger on the national team who also plays on Ismailia FC’s first team, is now undergoing an investigation by the EFA’s ethics committee.

The EFA’s statement was markedly vague as to what exactly happened during Magdy’s altercation with the hotel employee.

Following the EFA’s announcement, Magdy took to his Instagram page to vehemently deny the allegations.

“My suspension and the spread of lies and false claims have really taken me by surprise. I have done nothing wrong,” read his Instagram statement.

The EFA stated that it had first received complaints from the hotel employee hours before the national team’s second Olympic match against Argentina, which took place on Sunday, July 25, and ended with Argentina’s victory 1-0.

Magdy remained suspended after the game and was not on the pitch for the national team’s following games against Australia and Brazil. The Egyptian team beat Australia 1-0 only to lose against Brazil during the quarter-final.
“An investigation was conducted after the match and the matter was contained in order to focus on the rest of the players and give them all the stability they need to continue competing,” said Ahmed Megahed, head of the EFA’s managerial committee.

“Upon returning to Cairo after our loss against Brazil, the player’s suspension was upheld pending investigations into the incident that are still ongoing. And that is for his disregard for our rules,” continued Mr Megahed.
“The player was immediately suspended following our receival of the hotel employee’s complaints despite [Magdy’s] adamant denial that he had done nothing wrong,” he continued.

The EFA’s statement, however, also suggests that the incident could have merely been a misunderstanding due to a language barrier or cultural differences.

The body’s investigation will determine what disciplinary measures will be taken against Magdy should the allegations turn out to be true, it said.

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