Angel Di Maria reveals the truth behind the ‘famous’ Ibiza photo and what Messi told them on that night.


Leo Messi met his then friends now teammates in Ibiza during his holidays and the photo they all took that Di Maria uploaded spread like wildfire. 

It provoked conversations on social media with many believing it was a clear indication that Messi was going to join them all at PSG. In the end, it came true, as all of those featured in the famous picture will share a dressing room this coming season.

 Messi’s national team colleague, Angel Di Maria has revealed to ‘TyC Sports’ that, at that moment, Messi was clear that he would renew his contract with Barcelona.

It was all agreed with Barcelona. He told us after we had just seen him. When he arrived we told him that we already had him with us and he laughed”, he explained. Di Maria continued by saying that Messi insisted on that Thursday that he was going to return to Barca and that everything was already sorted, but by the afternoon of the same day everything changed.

“He sent me a message telling me that everything had gone bad and exploded. He told me that he didn’t know what had happened and that he was going to try and come to PSG, and that’s where everything started”, he continued.

Di Maria insisted that Messi was convinced that he was going to stay in Barcelona. “Leo said that he and his wife cried together and that they didn’t know how to tell the news to their kids. Now they are very happy here”, he concluded.

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