Real Madrid plane delayed for four hours due to snowstorm


Real Madrid finally landed in Pamplona after a four-hour nightmare on the runway finally came to an end on Friday night as they belatedly took off for ahead of their game at Osasuna on Saturday.

The snowstorm left them in a spot of trouble and they had to deal with a very long wait, as runways were closing due to the conditions.

Los Blancos decided to travel one day in advance to avoid the storm and not on the matchday itself which they have usually done this season.

Real Madrid were frustrated given the circumstances that have surrounded the trip and the fact that the game has not been moved as was already proposed. But as time passed on the plane, they only grew angrier.

It wasn’t until after 22:30 that the runway had thawed enough for the plane to take off. Now, Real Madrid’s players will spend the night in Pamplona and await further updates on the match throughout the day on Saturday.

Snow is also expected in Pamplona on Saturday, but Osasuna have hired extra personnel in the event that they will need to remove the snow from the pitch before the duel.


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