Was that really my son? – Lilian Thuram on Marcus’s spitting incident


Former French soccer star Lilian Thuram can understand the fuss about his son Marcus after his spitting derailment .

It is “quite understandable what is going on in the media,” said the 1998 World Champion on Radio Caraibes International (via Sport1)

“I watched the game myself, I was extremely shocked, I even asked myself: Was it really my son?”

However, the 48-year-old believes the argument of his son, who is playing at Borussia Mönchengladbach, that he spit “involuntarily” in the face of his Hoffenheim opponent Stefan Posch in the 2-1 defeat last Saturday .

“Then I got his explanation. It was that he was angry and therefore insulted the opponent. Without really doing it on purpose, some saliva went with it,” said the former world-class defender.

Marcus Thuram has been suspended for six games for the offense , including one on probation.

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