Messi surpasses Pele, sets record for most goals for a club


Lionel Messi has set a new record for most goals scored for a single club after he scored his goal number 644 for Barcelona in the 3-0 win away at Real Valladolid.

Messi equalled Brazilian legend Pele’s record of 643 goals for Santos in the last game and has now surpassed it and is sure to add more.

Messi had a good time against Valladolid.

Pele congratulated Messi when he equalled the record and made a striking statement that “feats like ours are becoming rare in football”.

The many legends Messi surpassed to set a new record.

Records are meant to be broken but this is one that would take years to be broken or never broken.

Messi has also scored 602 goals for Barcelona with the number 10 jersey.

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