The FIFPRO 11 Will help The People Know Who Is Good And Who Is Not- Joshua Kimich


Oma Akatugba

Bayern Munich midfielder Joshua Kimmich was named in the FIFA Best 11 in midfield alongside Kevin De Bruyne and former teammate Thiago Alcantara last night during the FIFA The Best Awards.

The versatile player who also plays as a right back, is an integral part of the dominant Bayern Munich team that won everything it is to be won in 2020.

“To be in the best 11, that means a lot because if you see so many names, big names and also names from your club, this means a lot and I’m very happy that I can be there with my teammates from Bayern Munich and big names from other clubs and it’s something special to be there and I’m very very grateful that I’m there,” the German international said.

“It’s a great feeling for me, I’m honoured to be named with all these other guys, great players. It’s a fantastic 11. It’s a dream come true and very special that other professional footballers voted me into this 11.

“For me this is special, it’s also like a little title because the opponents, they have to know who is good and who is not that good.”

The Best 11 expectedly is star studded and Kimmich was asked how he thinks the team would perform on the pitch. Though Liverpool’s Alisson Becker was named ahead of Manuel Neuer in the best 11, Kimmich says he sees him in goal.

“I hope we will win a few games, it’s a really good first 11. I’m seeing my friend Manuel in the goal but also other players from Bayern Munich, this is where I’m happy because I know the basis of voting into this 11 is our amazing year 2020 and so I’m glad to be in this team and I think we would be a good team.” the 25year old said.

Bayern Munich won every trophy they competed for but Kimmich chose the Champions League as his highlight of last season.

“My highlight of course was the Champions League title, the two weeks in Lisbon [for the Champions League] were really special, we saw an amazing team performance and I think I also had a good performance for the team so I think it was perfect to win this title.” the former RB Leipzig player said.

Kimmich is one of the three Bayern Munich players in the Best 11, (four if you add Thiago Alcantara who now plays for Liverpool but his heroics with Bayern Munich earned him a spot.) the others being Robert Lewandowski and Alphonso Davies. He was asked to describe the quality of the two and he said:

“Alphonso’s style of play is really spectacular, he’s really fast and amazing, it’s really hard for an opponent to dribble against him. Robert

Lewandowski, he scores and scores and scores every year and it is really special to score 40-50 goals every year and this is really high class.” he concluded.

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