Being The First Bundesliga Player In History To Win The World Best Player Award Is a Sign Of The Bundesliga’s Strenght, Robert Lewandowski says.


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Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski was named the FIFA player of the year last night at the FIFA The Best Awards.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino made a surprise trip to Munich to present the award to Lewandowski in person. He spoke to a press conference after receiving his award.

“That means a lot for me, I’m very proud of these awards. I feel happy, if you work so hard and now you’re seeing the results, it’s something special, something amazing. This feeling is spectacular, you know if you’re the best player in the world it means a lot, that I’m where I want to be that’s why I’m happy.” the Poland international said.

Lewandowski last night became the first player in the history of Bayern Munich and Bundesliga to win the title and he said it shows the growth and quality of the German Bundesliga right now.

“It means that the Bundesliga is going up, every single team here is stronger. I think that the players who play now in Bundesliga also show in the Champions League and Europa League that the quality is there, the performance of the players is interesting for other people to watch the Bundesliga and I hope we can show again this year that the level of this league is very high.” he said.

What makes you so strong, are we currently seeing the best of Lewandowski in a long time.

Lewandowski with his award

Lewandowski is 32 years old and is showing no signs of slowing down but his performance and numbers are improving with his age, when asked what makes him so strong and if we’re seeing the best Lewandowski of all time he said:

“I think I have a lot of things but the mentality is so important for the position I play. You know for the striker everyone wants me to score the goals,” said Lewandowski who scored 55 goals in all competitions last season.

“With so many games you get the chance to score the goals, you have to be ready all the times, and if you do what you love it makes it easier but in the end it’s about how you play with the team and how the team plays for you, that’s why I’m grateful and happy that I can play for Bayern Munich and all teammates, they are amazing and we’re all together very strong, we can win a lot of trophies again.”

He is carrying on his goalscoring form of last season and has scored 18 goals in all competitions already this season, with 15 coming in the Bundesliga and the remaining three in the Champions League.

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