Ronaldo voted for Messi but Messi didn’t return the favour, see how the two greats voted


There are some interesting elements to be garnered from the breakdown of FIFA The Best Awards votes, such as Cristiano Ronaldo voting for Lionel Messi and the Argentine not returning the favour.

Juventus striker Ronaldo was second behind Robert Lewandowski in the race for the FIFA Men’s Player of the Year Award 2020.

He managed 38 points to Messi’s 35, both a long way behind Champions League winner Lewandowski on 52.

FIFA published a full breakdown of the results and there are some interesting aspects, for example that Ronaldo earned fewer points from coaches compared to Messi (186 to 196), but more from captains (259-207), media (153-103) and considerably more from fans (457,905 to 356,950).

The breakdown also shows who voted for who, and Ronaldo did tip the hat towards his long-time rival by voting Lewandowski first, Messi second and Kylian Mbappé third.

However, Messi used two of his three votes for PSG players, specifically Neymar first, Mbappé second and Lewandowski only in third place.

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