Nigerian footballer in Zambian prison as prohibited immigrant, needs help to return home


Nigerian footballer, Yusuf Balogun is held up in Mufulira prison for immigration row after Zambian club Mufulira Wanderers Football Club terminated his contract and failed to procure an air ticket for his return to Nigeria.

According to information obtained by The Mast from Mufulira immigration authorities, the player signed a contract with Wanderers in May 2019 to run up to June 2020 but it was terminated three months later in August 2019.

The club failed to pay him his entitlements and buy him a return ticket to Nigeria, claiming they don’t have money. That led him to having trials at other clubs to help him stay but was unsuccessful until he was arrested by the immigration department and taken to court.

He was not convicted but he was sent to prison as a prohibited immigrant who should fly out immediately.

A prison check confirmed he is in detention and has been for months. The club declined commenting on the case.

“Yes, Yusuf is here, he has been for some time. He is a [prohibited immigrant] PI; he is not a convict, so the case is different. But he is here yes, he doesn’t have an air ticket,” a prison official who spoke anonymously said.

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