Robinho loses appeal over rape conviction, 9 year prison sentence upheld


Italian criminal trials are notorious for taking years to reach a conclusion due to the multiple avenues of appeal and the length of time between hearings, but it finally looks like Robinho is running out of options.

A report from UOL has confirmed that his appeal against a nine year prison sentence for his part in a gang rape has been rejected and the prison sentence has been confirmed by the courts.

The incident happened back in 2013 when he was playing for AC Milan, but he’s now based back in Brazil which will make this more complicated.

He had actually signed a contract to return to Santos although that will surely be terminated after this, but it’s not quite clear what’s going to happen with Robinho and any punishment.

The Daily Mail also reported on this earlier and it appears that Brazil doesn’t have an extradition treaty so he may only face the prison sentence if he voluntarily goes to Italy, which you have to imagine he has no intention of doing.

It’s suggested that he could even face jail time or punishment back in Brazil depending on how they view this, while he still maintains his innocence so he’ll surely fight any possibility of that happening too.

The UOL report carries reports from the prosecutor who declared he was pleased for the victim as she’ll finally get some closure from that horrific night in 2013, but you fear this is still far from over.

Source – Caught Offside

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