I’ll drive Ozil to the airport just to get rid of him from Arsenal – Piers Morgan


Piers Morgan has again delivered stinging criticism of Mesut Ozil and said he would drive the midfielder to the airport just to get rid of him from Arsenal.

Ozil is the highest paid player at Arsenal, on a staggering £350,000-a-week, but has been left out of the club’s Premier League and Europa League squads this season.

The 32-year-old has had difficult relationships with Unai Emery and his successor Mikel Arteta, the current Arsenal manager.

Morgan and Ozil’s spat has been very public with the two exchanging barbs on social media.

Morgan, a lifelong Gooner, said the club need to get him out as soon as possible.

He told Sky Sports ahead of the North London derby: “Ozil’s most impressive performance this season was giving me a whack on Twitter, which I’m very pleased for him.

“He got all his likes and retweets and was doubtless a hero for the Arsenal faithful who want to stand by him.

“We should have got rid of Ozil ages ago. He stopped playing in big games three years ago.

Ozil sleeping on the bench during a match.

“I think it was after he signed his big deal after (Alexis) Sanchez moved to Manchester United and we were desperate to keep Ozil.

“He certainly got this enormous amount of money and stopped playing and I agree with Arteta. Why would you pick someone who doesn’t give 100 per cent? But no one would buy Ozil or take on those wages, that’s the bottom line.

“The fact he couldn’t even make the Premier League squad tells you that behind the scenes that really bad stuff has been going down.

Ozil under an umbrella

“Ozil can talk a good game and he can tweet a good game and can play a good game with the fans who are gullible enough to believe it but I would get him out of there as fast as possible.

“I would drive him to an airport to anywhere that would take him.

“As long as he’s sitting there earning that kind of money, the most amount of money of any player in the squad, and he can’t even get in the squad – that’s a problem.”

Source – talkSPORT

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