The story of how Messi almost played for Cadiz in 2005


Barcelona will play against newly promoted La Liga side this weekend. The club recalled how Lionel Messi almost played for the club in 2005.

The club shared in a series of tweets last night;

“In 2005, at the age of 18, Messi played two matches in Carranza in less than five months. One in August and another in December.

“Cadiz faced Barça in the final of the Carranza tournament. Cadista fans noticed the talent of the Argentinian. Luis Soler, assistant coach of Cadiz, told Messi if he would like to play for the yellow team. Messi replied: “Cadiz is a beautiful city and I would like to play here”.

“He had bureaucratic problems in order to play for Barça. He didn’t have the Spanish nationality yet and Barcelona had already fulfilled the foreign players allowance limit with 3 players: Ronaldinho, Eto’o and Marquez. Finally, he sweared on the Constitution and stay at Barcelona

“In the second match Messi played in Carranza in December. A loan was considered for the January transfer window. Carranza once again cheered Messi, who played differently from the rest and it was known that he was not an ordinary player.

18year old Messi playing against Cadiz in 2005

“In CádizCF we were close to enjoying Messi playing for our team for a few months. It would have been amazing! 🐐”

Cadiz has already pulled an upset this season by defeating Real Madrid 1-0.

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