Former Real Madrid and Everton player declared bankrupt


Former Real Madrid defender, Royston Drenthe has hired a financial adviser to control his money after being declared insolvent by Breda’s bankruptcy court.

Royston Drenthe currently plays for Dutch amateur club Kozakken Boys and was declared bankrupt by a court in Breda on Tuesday, but the player is taking it all in his stride. He explained the situation to Voetbalzone, with a theory that his financial problems could be down to negligence by his accountant.

“I’m not easily shocked by things. I don’t know the full ins and outs and I don’t know exactly what is happening, but if it is what I think it is, it’s not so important,” Drenthe told the Dutch daily, which suggests that the situation has reached this point because he didn’t attend the court case. Alternatively, another reason could be that his accountant was away on holiday which could explain some of the misunderstanding in the case.

For now, and until a solution is found, the 33-year-old will have a financial adviser who will handle his economic affairs. In an interview in 2017, Drenthe confessed that he had lost a lot of money and warned young footballers about the dangers of agents.

He also admitted that during his time at Real Madrid, he felt he was tricked into accepting a salary lower than he had anticipated: “I only know that I was going to earn 1.8 million euros in my first season, nothing more. It was a shock and from that point on, I had everything tightly controlled”.

Drenthe playing for Real Madrid.

His agent, Sigi Lens, responded by saying that footballers’ careers tend to fall apart off the pitch rather than on it. The press meanwhile hinted that there could be other reasons behind his financial troubles such as his expensive lifestyle with traffic fines, mansions, ex-wives, and other projects including clothes shops and a side career in acting or as a rap artist.

Source – AS

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