I got really sick in my heart issuing Messi a yellow card for his Maradona celebration – Referee Lahoz



The referee that officiated the La Liga game between Barcelona and Osasuna, Antonio Mateu Lahoz said he was sick in his heart for issuing a yellow card to Messi for his Maradona celebration.

“When I put my hand in my back pocket to pull out the yellow card against Lionel Messi. I got really sick of my heart. I think FIFA should make exceptions to this rule.” Lahoz said.

Messi scored a Maradona-esque goal in Barca’s La Liga fixture at home against Osasuna and removed his shirt to display a Newell’s Old Boys jersey with the number 10, same that was worn by the late Maradona during his stint for the club.

He was then issued a yellow card in accordance with FIFA rule 12 which says players removing shirts is an over joyous celebration and such player gets an automatic yellow card.

Messi shown a yellow card by Lahoz.

Lahoz feels the celebration was a tribute to the legend and FIFA should make an exception to such rule.

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