German club to start producing own kits from next season


St. Pauli will produce their own kit for the 2020-21 season in order to meet the club’s criteria in sustainability, transparency and fair trade, and move away from their reputation as rebels and towards one of activism.

St Pauli 2020/21 Kits

Earlier this month, the Bundesliga 2 side announced they would part ways with their supplier Under Armour at the end of next season and explore new opportunities.

Having looked for a kit supplier to meet their demands, the club have decided to start their own independent brand under the name DIIY — do it improve yourself.

“We want to develop from rebels to activists,” the club’s head of marketing Martin Drust said in a statement. “Right now, FC St. Pauli are perceived as rebels.

“We want to develop towards activists, from being against something to being for something. The issue of sustainability, which is much more than ecological sustainability, is part of that changed world.

“It’s also about social sustainability, transparency and fairness. All of them things which are a good fit for St. Pauli.”

Based in Hamburg’s famous Reeperbahn district, St. Pauli have won a unique reputation for being anti-establishment, especially in Germany, but also in other parts of the world where they have established a cult following with their iconic skull-and-crossbones logo.

“This independence, and the search for new avenues, has always been a hallmark of FC St. Pauli,” club president Oke Gottlich said in a statement.

“In launching our own teamsport collection, we remain steadfastly on our path of independence.”

St. Pauli said they hope to also become a kit supplier for other clubs.

Source – ESPN

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