Andy Murray wants coronavirus vaccine compulsory for all tennis players


Elijah Odetokun

Former world number one Andy Murray has said that the coronavirus vaccine should be made compulsory for all tennis players to enter tournaments when it becomes available with growing potential over the availability of the vaccine in 2021.

“I think that probably should be the case. I would hope that all the players would be willing to do that for the good of the sport – providing everything has proved to be safe, clinical trials and everything have been done and there are not any significant side-effects.” he said.

“I guess it would be difficult. I also read a few weeks after he’d said he wouldn’t be keen on doing that, if it was something that had to be done for him to play the sport, he would,” Murray said about Djokovic who has made controversial statements about the vaccine.

“So I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the ATP and the ITF (International Tennis Federation) decide their position is going to be on that. But I’m confident that players would be into it if it meant the tour going back to normality.”

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