Africa is the richest continent, we only need good human resources – Samuel Eto’o


Oma Akatugba

African football legend Samuel Eto’o has described Africa as the richest continent in a chat with the Congolese-American basketball legend Dikembe Mutombo.

Eto’o who has spent more time on humanitarian activities and talent development in Africa since his retirement from football said Africa only needs good human resources to fulfill the potentials of the continent.

“It is important and it is time that all these young Africans, old Africans and newborns understand that our continent is the richest. We only need one thing: good human resources.” The former Barcelona player said.

“I’ve always believed that as Africans, when we leave Africa to develop ourselves elsewhere, we automatically become ambassadors for the continent and we have to do our best so that what we put our hands in may be the best example for the youth that will follow.” said Mutombo who played 18 seasons in the NBA.

Dikembe Mutombo.

Eto’o, a four time African player of the year who works with several humanitarian organizations in his home country Cameroon and across Africa and also has his Samuel Eto’o Foundation shared a testimony of one of his beneficiaries:

“I remember not too long ago, I went to Yaoundé to work with the people of UNICEF and the moderator of the event was very emotional. At one point he said to me “father, if I’m here today, it is because of you. You gave us the tools to become the man you wanted us to become and that was the greatest gift.” It’s the loveliest thing that someone could have said to me, it was very nice and I told myself “I can’t stop.”

Eto’o working for UNICEF.

Mutombo describes what Eto’o is doing as in accordance with an African saying that “when you take the elevator to go up, don’t forget to send it back down once you’ve reached the top.”

“I will do my best to continue going back to Africa in order to bring out other young Dikembe Mutombos.” said Mutombo, but Eto’o has a different idea and a different dream for Africa.

“In my dream, I wish for the best to be on our continent in Africa. What I want for our Africa is to no longer have to say “we want to send our best to compete against the Europeans, the South Americans in Europe.” No, I would like for an African when he’s talented to say to himself “I will play on my continent, I will develop my continent.” The two time AFCON winner with Cameroon said.

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