In 2016, he allegedly died in an accident. Now he’s back.


Hiannick Kamba, 33, former Schalke youth player who was reported dead after a car accident in his native country of Congo on January 9, 2016 has reappeared, he was 29 and was playing for lower league German side VFB Huls when he disappeared.

Sport Bild reported Kamba did not fake his death but he was abandoned by his friends without documents, without his phone and without money on the night of January 9, 2016, in Congo. In 2018, he reported the fake news of his death to German embassy in Kinshasa, Congo.

According to Bild, Kamba who was also a teammate of Manuel Neuer during his days at Schalke is now in the Ruhr area of Germany and currently resides in his old home in Gelsenkirchen after successfully applying for a return to Germany. He now works as a chemist.

The death certificate

Questions hang on the head of his former wife and accusations of suspected insurance fraud are against her for claiming six figures insurance settlement. It remains unknown whether she forged his death documents or she bribed her way through to get it. She has denied the allegations and claimed she knew of the insurance money after she was told he died.
Kamba would be a witness against his former wife in the suspected insurance fraud case.

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