South Africa Can Host Africa’s First Olympics – Brian Habana


By – Oma Akatugba, Berlin Germany

South African rugby legend, Brian Habana has said the Rainbow Nation can host Africa’s first Olympics.

Speaking to Omasports at the backstage of the Lauraus World Sports Awards in Germany, Habana said it will be a massive opportunity for an African country to host the Olympics, but currently sees South Africa as the most capable at the moment.

“Put infrastructures you probably would never have in place. An African Olympics sounds pretty good to me.

“I do think an African nation has the best. The infrastructure is there, it may take 8-12 years to put it in place. But Africa has lots of raw materials and opportunities to progress and improve.

“I think it’s South Africa because we have hosted lots of massive tournaments. It’s not an easy challenge that many African countries can put their hands up for.

On what South Africa’s national team, the Bafana Bafana needs to do to get to the stage the Springboks has reached in rugby, Habana said:

“It’s a very difficult one for Bafana Bafana. Looking back in 1996 when they won the AFCON, things were very good. I think we have to dream extremely big, work extremely hard, and things are possible.

Habana in Sprinbocks colours

“We hope SAFA will get things right. Lots of things are happening in Africa at the moment and I hope soccer can grow too. Soccer is a big sport in South Africa, more popular than rugby. Rugby gives back more in terms of joy, unification and euphoria but soccer is much bigger.”

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