Champions League: Despite Earning A Lot, I Don’t Lose Sleep Over PSG’s UCL Mission – Tuchel


By: Oma Akatugba, Paris

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) manager, Thomas Tuchel has said his quest to win the UEFA Champions League is just like any other of his attempts to win trophies.

During the pre-match conference ahead of PSG`s Champions League clash against Club Brugge of Belgium, Tuchel was asked by Oma Akatugba if he finds sleep at night being that he is yet to win the Champions League at a club where every manager would be judged on the Champions League, despite earning so much.

”You have come a long way. You’ve asked me from wages to sleep. Thank you for asking. ”I know I earn big wages and it’s a privilege. Because I have the privilege to work in football and the game is like one of my best friends. To work in football is a big gift. Don’t tell anybody maybe I will work for free. But we have so many expectations just as you said but we have to also be careful not to protect ourselves because we demand a lot from ourselves but if we judge all the coaches and teams by only winning the champions league, it means there would be a lot of disappointment because there can only be one winner every season and there are so many teams who can win it. PSG so far hasn’t won it and we can not break our heads or lose our sleep because of just one trophy.

“I will I lose my sleep when we play badly, I lose a lot of sleep, I lose my sleep when i don’t have the solution for the next game I lose a lot of sleep. But this is important for me to take it one step at a time and not to dream or put so much pressure on ourselves. because of course everybody in this competition can win it but in the end, you need to be lucky, you need to have the momentum or a favourable decision from the referee at some point. Like Manchester City against Tottenham, it was like 10 centimetres offside, onside. What can you say about that? It does not mean one coach is better and the other is a bad coach.

sometimes you have to accept in football, but I know its hard to accept that is also about luck. But you are right, Sometimes will lose a lot of sleep especially in the night after games will lose a lot of sleep. Sometimes i break my head before the games but i try to recover well but I am happy that you are concerned.”

Tuchel’s PSG have looked devastating in the Champions League this season thrashing Real Madrid and other opposition in the group.

Champions League success will etch his name in the sands of time at the Parc Des Princes as Le Parisiens have never won the competition before.

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