Exclusive Video: Del Piero- We need a team to buy Messi and Ronaldo


By: Oma Akatugba

Since the year 2008, 2 players have shared the biggest individual honour in global football, the FIFA Ballon D’Or award.
They are Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Portugal. Invariably, both players have won a significant amount of trophies with their respective clubs.

The world of football has been divided over who is the better player or greater player since 207/2008 when Messi burst onto the scene and this debate will never go away as long as the human mind will remember or at least as long as they are both still in active football.
this debate also goes on amongst their fellow professionals but many would rather keep their opinion to themselves especially when they are club mates of any of the two. But one football great who thinks both should not be compared is Alessandro Del Pierro.

While speaking to omasports in Berlin Germany, The Italian football legend said: “It’s unfair to compare the both of them, they are both amazing. We actually need a team to buy the both of them”

When asked to chose one out of the two, the former Juventus striker said: “It is impossible to choose one out of the two, you cant close your eyes and just pick one, they are both amazing.”

Ronaldo, who won the FIFA Ballon D’Or award last year looks set to win it again this year after leading Real Madrid to win the UEFA Champions League and La Liga title as well as the Club world cup title the season before. This would make him equal Lionel Messi on the number of Ballon D’Or awards won, 5 in total.

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